Ervin & Coleen Starwalt
Ervin & Coleen Starwalt With Wycliffe Bible translators

As linguists and researchers, we help translators better understand Biblical Greek and language communities in Africa develop better alphabets

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Why Wycliffe, Linguistics & SIL Translation Resources?

Wycliffe exists to help the remaining languages that need the Bible get it for themselves. Practical linguistics helps people write their languages so they can read the translated Bible. SIL Translation Resources develops tools to help Bible translators do their job more easily and accurately. Your partnership helps bring the Bible to people in the languages they value.

The Great Bible Translation Need

Faith comes by hearing the Good News about Jesus Christ. But the Church is only as strong as its members. Those who correctly understand and apply the truth found in the Bible are more likely to stand firm in their faith in the day of trial and to recognize false teachings and resist them. Fact is, people understand the Bible best in the languages they most strongly identify with. Translators need a variety of tools to render the Bible accurately into their languages. Others in their language communities need help in developing the written forms of their languages. We are a part of a team of specialists whose mission is to equip people with the tools, training, consulting and mentoring they need to be successful in Bible translation.

We've stepped up to help. But with your help we can do more.

How To Partner With Us

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You schedule a short meeting at a time that works best for you.
Meet for 30 Minutes
Meetings are 30-minutes (face-to-face, video, or phone). You get a clear picture of our mission and how you can help translate the Bible into minority languages around the world.
Become a Partner
Join our partnership team and start changing lives through equipping translators with the tools they need and helping language teams in Nigeria write their languages better.
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What Our Mentees & Partners Are Saying
Aku Agbam
Nigerian Missionary Working with SIL Nigeria
"I am the leader of the Nigerian Missionary Staff Programme for SIL Nigeria. As my mentor, Dr. Coleen has helped me overcome obstacles that were hindering me from living a more Christ-centered life characterized by servant leadership. Through Dr. Coleen's mentoring, God is growing me in humility and grace, attributes He values most, even as I disciple others. I cannot thank God and Dr. Coleen enough!"
Chad & Elizabeth Simmons
Monthly Supporter
"We started supporting Drs. Ervin and Coleen because we understand the value of having the Bible in our own language. The work they are doing to get the Bible to others in their own languages is crucial. We continue partnering with them because of the friendship we developed and have learned what wonderful people the Starwalts are and the amazing set of skills God has vested and nurtured in them as a couple."
Paul O'Rear
International Coordinator SIL Translation Resources
"SIL International develops and distributes translation guidance materials that support Bible translation projects worldwide, not just Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International, but effectively all organizations that are working in Bible translation. Discourse analysis principles applied to the source texts has been a big hole in our materials for many years. Ervin's expertise in this area will help us remedy that."
Ministry Partners
Several great churches are partnering with us to equip Bible translators with tools of the trade.

Help Equip Translators and Make Alphabets

You can impact the lives of people still waiting for a Bible in the language of their community. Your partnership helps to equip translators to translate correctly and develop the writing of their languages.
The greatest missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue: It never needs a furlough and is never considered a foreigner.— Cameron Townsend